Designed by creatives … for creatives.

Like all great innovations RealTIME was built out of necessity. Specifically, it was designed to help a creative team cope with positive business growth, differentiate from competitors and become more efficient and profitable.

After investigating the many project management packages available in the market and realizing none of them were designed with creatives in mind, OneKreate, a thriving creative agency, realized that there was a gap in the marketplace. All of the existing products were complex, had legacy interfaces that creatives would not embrace, and relied on old technologies that were increasingly incompatible with the modern mobile-centric world. Simply put, they did not serve the needs of the creative community and required too much behavior modification for successful adoption.

Enter RealTIME!

After much frustration, OneKreate decided to acquire a technology company and build a unique solution around the creative development process. The team began with a deep dive into OneKreate’s internal processes, identifying the pain points and bottlenecks that slowed their progress. They mapped out the ideal workflow system for project management, sample product tracking, content creation and editing, approval, asset management and digital deployment. What they uncovered was a powerful, end-to-end solution that removed the complexities and made it easy for creatives and marketers to collaborate… without duplication of effort.

Key to RealTIME’s success was the strategy of providing clients with access to the RealTIME system for managing their projects collaboratively with the OneKreate project team. Although it was built around OneKreate’s processes, clients easily adapted to its convenient features and familiar, apple-like user interface. One by one, clients began asking OneKreate to build them a system like RealTIME for their own internal usage. Because of its modular architecture, clients could pick and choose the solutions that fit their needs.

Fast Forward to Today…

Once most of OneKreate’s clients embraced one or more RealTIME modules to accelerate their workflow, the next logical step was to take RealTIME to market via a dedicated software company. Kreate Technology launched with a successful pilot and roll-out of RealTIME for one of the world’s largest retailers, as well as deployments at a variety of fashion and consumer goods clients. Our rapid growth has shown that RealTIME is the platform creative and marketing teams have been waiting for.